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Marco Magnani was a leading figure in the field of visual arts in Sardinia. A teacher in History of Arts at the Liceo Classico Azuni in Sassari and a contributor to the local newspaper La Nuova Sardegna since 1985, Marco Magnani, together with Giuliana Altea, researched the history of art and of images in Sardinia from the end of the XIX century to the 1960s.

He published collections of critical studies as well as monographs on Sardinian artists for whom he also curated exhibitions and the relative catalogues. These include Siglienti, Tavolara, Biasi, Dessy and Manca.

As a critic and a practitioner, Magnani dedicated his work primarily to the languages of the contemporary times and to young artists. The 1986 edition of the “Biennale dei Giovani” was followed by numerous art exhibitions and festivals, aimed at the exploration of the arts at the local and the national level. One of these events was the “Atlante” art festival, organised with Giancarlo Politi, which brought together some among the most distinguished local and national art critics and practitioners.

At the international level Marco Magnani succeeded in entertaining significant relations and exchanges with colleagues from around the world, as testified by numerous projects carried out in cooperation with Corsica.

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